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【导语】寒窗苦读十余载,今朝考试展锋芒;思维冷静不慌乱,下笔如神才华展;心平气和信心足,过关斩将如流水;细心用心加耐心,努力备考,定会考入理想院校。以下是无忧考网为大家整理的 《2019考研英语复习模考卷含答【五篇】》供您查阅。


All Sumerian cities recognized a number of gods in common,including the sky god,the lord of storms,and the morning and evening star.__1__the Sumerian worshipped the goddess of fertility,love,and war,she was evidently lower__2__status than the male gods,indicating that in a more urbanized society the__3__that the peoples of previous times had paid to the earth mother goddess had__4__. The gods seemed hopelessly violent and __5__,and one‘s life a period of slavery at their easy will. The epic poem The Creation emphasizes that__6__were created to enable the gods to__7__ up working. Each city moreover had its own god,who was considered to__8__ the temple literally and who was in theory the owner of all property within the city.__9__the priests who interpreted the will of the god and controlled the__10__ of the economic produce of the city were favored__11__ their supernatural and material functions __12__. When,after 3,000 B. C.,growing warfare among the cities made military leadership__13__,the head of the army who became king assumed a(n)__14__position between the god,whose agent he was,and the priestly class,whom he had both to use and to __15__. Thus king and priests represented the upper class in a hierarchical society.__16__them were the scribes,the secular attendants of the temple,who__17__every aspect of the city’s economic life and who developed a rough judicial system.__18__the temple officials,society was divided among an elite or__19__ group of large landowners and military leaders;a mixed group of merchants,artisans,and craftsmen,free peasants who__20__ the majority of the population;and slaves.

  1. [A] Unless [B] As [C] Lest [D] Although

  2. [A] on [B] in [C] with [D] about

  3. [A] worship [B] reverence [C] admiration [D] gratitude

  4. [A] vanished [B] recovered [C] declined [D] attained

  5. [A] unpredictable[B] unforgivable[C] unlimited [D] unlikely

  6. [A] creatures [B] animals [C] men [D] mortals

  7. [A] use [B] turn [C] give [D] back

  8. [A] inhabit [B] live [C] reside [D] lodge

  9. [A] Hence [B] Thereafter [C] Somehow [D] Incidentally

  10. [A] introduction[B] transaction [C] distribution[D] provision

  11. [A] as [B] for [C] under [D] of

  12. [A] along [B] anyway [C] afterwards [D] alike

  13. [A] additional [B] vital [C] singular [D] exceptional

  14. [A] alternative [B] secondary [C] intermediate[D] fundamental

  15. [A] pacify [B] tempt [C] suppress [D] manipulate

  16. [A] Beside [B] Beyond [C] Below [D] Before

  17. [A] supervised [B] held [C] managed [D] presided

  18. [A] Around [B] Under [C] Above [D] Outside

  19. [A] leading [B] noble [C] controlling [D] principal

  20. [A] consist [B] compose [C] compile [D] consume   答案

  1. D 2. B 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. D 7.C 8.A 9. A 10. C

  11. B 12. D 13.B 14.C 15. A 16. C 17. A 18. D 19. B 20. B






Valentine‘s Day may come from the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia. __1__ the fierce wolves roamed nearby,the old Romans called __2__ the god Lupercus to help them. A festival in his __3__ was held on February 15th. On the eve of the festival the __4__ of the girls were written on __5__ of paper and placed in jars. Each young man __6__ a slip. The girl whose name was __7__ was to be his sweetheart for the year.

  Legend __8__ it that the holiday became Valentine‘s Day __9__ a Roman priest named Valentine. Emperor Claudius II __10__ the Roman soldiers NOT to marry or become engaged. Claudius felt married soldiers would __11__ stay home than fight. When Valentine __12__ the Emperor and secretly married the young couples,he was put to death on February 14th,the __13__ of Lupercalia. After his death,Valentine became a __14__. Christian priests moved the holiday from the 15th to the 14th—Valentine’s Day. Now the holiday honors Valentine __15__ of Lupercus.

  Valentine‘s Day has become a major __16__ of love and romance in the modern world. The ancient god Cupid and his __17__ into a lover’s heart may still be used to __18__ falling in love or being in love. But we also use cards and gifts,such as flowers or jewelry,to do this. __19__ to give flower to a wife or sweetheart on Valentine‘s Day can sometimes be as __20__ as forgetting a birthday or a wedding anniversary.

  1.[A] While [B] When [C] Though [D] Unless

  2.[A] upon [B] back [C] off [D] away

  3.[A] honor [B] belief [C] hand [D] way

  4.[A] problems [B] secrets [C] names [D] intentions

  5.[A] rolls [B] piles [C] works [D] slips

  6.[A] cast [B] caught [C] drew [D] found

  7.[A] given [B] chosen [C] elected [D] delivered

  8.[A] tells [B] means [C] makes [D] has

  9.[A] after [B] since [C] as [D] from

  10.[A] ordered [B] pleaded [C] envisioned [D] believed

  11.[A] other [B] simply [C] rather [D] all

  12.[A] disliked [B] defied [C] defeated [D] dishonored

  13.[A] celebration [B] arrangement [C] feast [D] eve

  14.[A] goat [B] saint [C] model [D] weapon

  15.[A] because [B] made [C] instead [D] learnt

  16.[A] part [B] representative[C] judgement [D] symbol

  17.[A] story [B] wander [C] arrow [D] play

  18.[A] portray [B] require [C] demand [D] alert

  19.[A] Keeping [B] Disapproving[C] Supporting [D] Forgetting

  20.[A] constructive [B] damaging [C] reinforcing [D] retorting   答案

  1.B 2.A 3.A 4.C 5.D 6.C 7.B 8.D 9.A 10.A

  11.C 12.B 13.D 14.B 15.C 16.D 17.C 18.A 19D. 20.B








Driving through snowstorm on icy roads for long distances is a most nerve-racking experience. It is a paradox that the snow,coming __1__ gently,blowing gleefully in a high wind,all the while __2__ down a treacherous carpet,freezes the windows,__3__ the view. The might of automated man is__4__ . The horses,the powerful electrical systems,the deep-tread tires,all go __5__ nothing. One minute the road feels __6__,and the next the driver is sliding over it,light as a__7__,in a panic,wondering what the heavy trailer trucks coming up__8__the rear are going to do. The trucks are like __9__ when you have to pass them,not at sixty or seventy __10__ you do when the road is dry,but at twenty-five and thirty. __11__ their engines sound unnaturally loud. Snow,slush and__12__ of ice spray from beneath the wheels,obscure the windshield,and rattle __13__your car. Beneath the wheels there is plenty of __14__ for you to slide and get mashed to a pulp. Inch __15__ inch you move up,past the rear wheels,the center wheels,the cab,the front wheels,all__16__too slowly by. Straight ahead you continue,__17__ to cut over sharply would send you into a slip,__18__in front of the vehicle. At last,there is__19__enough,and you creep back over,in front of the truck now,but__20__the sound of its engine still thundering in your ears.

  1. [A] up [B] off [C] down [D] on

  2. [A] lies [B] lays [C] settles [D] sends

  3. [A] blocks [B] strikes [C] puffs [D] cancels

  4. [A] muted [B] discovered [C] doubled [D] undervalued

  5. [A] for [B] with [C] into [D] from

  6. [A] comfortable [B] weak [C] risky [D] firm

  7. [A] loaf [B] feather [C] leaf [D] fog

  8. [A] beneath [B] from [C] under [D] beyond

  9. [A] dwarfs [B] giants [C] patients [D] princesses

  10. [A] what [B] since [C] as [D] that

  11. [A] So [B] But [C] Or [D] Then

  12. [A] flakes [B] flocks [C] chips [D] cakes

  13. [A] onto [B] against [C] off [D] along

  14. [A] snow [B] earth [C] room [D] ice

  15. [A] by [B] after [C] for [D] with

  16. [A] climbing [B] crawling [C] winding [D] sliding

  17. [A] meanwhile [B] unless [C] whereas [D] for

  18. [A] sheer [B] mostly [C] rarely [D] right

  19. [A] might [B] distance [C] air [D] power

  20. [A] with [B] like [C] inside [D] upon   答案

  1.C 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.A 6.D 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.C

  11.D 12.C 13.C 14.C 15.A 16.D 17.D 18.D 19.B 20.A






A recent parliamentary report blames the government and the food industry for the growth in obesity. The Department of Transport is blamed for not doing enough to__1__facilities for pedestrians and cyclists while__2__ to pressure from motoring organizations representing car users. The Ministry of Education is__3__of selling off school playing fields and not doing enough to__4__adequate facilities for physical education and games. Young people in Britain have become crazy about football(soccer and rugby),but too often as__5__“couch potatoes”。

  The food industry is blamed for promoting junk food to school children and not doing enough to__6__down on sugar,fats and salt in prepared foods. The industry,__7__by the current popularity of the Atkins low-carbohydrate diet,has begun to __8__,but it is trying to protect a huge market and will need to do__9__more if it is to__10__off increased regulation.

  Japan seems less__11__so far by the problem of obesity,__12__ as the Japanese diet becomes increasingly__13__(burgers and doughnuts)the problem will grow. __14__,Japanese cuisine has become highly popular in Britain. It is seen as healthy in a different way from the Mediterranean diet__15__its emphasis on tomatoes and olive oil combined with red wine.

  A fairly small amount of red wine is now__16__as beneficial to the heart,__17__its other encouraging properties. But Britain has to do more to__18__the problems of alcoholism__19__with the binge-drinking culture—including violence and vandalism. Limited consumption of alcohol,as long as it is not__20__with driving,is harmless and possibly beneficial.

  1. [A] stimulate [B] commend [C] promote [D] elevate

  2. [A] submitting [B] subjecting [C] subordinating [D] surrendering

  3. [A] charged [B] denounced [C] scolded [D] accused

  4. [A] assure [B] ensure [C] secure [D] guard

  5. [A] speculating [B] spectating [C] specializing [D] sightseeing

  6. [A] fall [B] get [C] cut [D] bring

  7. [A] stung [B] bitten [C] chewed [D] licked

  8. [A] retort [B] refute [C] respond [D] resolve

  9. [A] abundantly [B] considerably [C] extensively [D] principally

  10. [A] defend [B] beat [C] hold [D] ward

  11. [A] upset [B] affected [C] effected [D] impressed

  12. [A] or [B] for [C] but [D] if

  13. [A] popularized [B] globalized [C] westernized [D] localized

  14. [A] Accordingly[B] Interestingly [C] Surprisingly [D] Strikingly

  15. [A] as [B] on [C] but [D] with

  16. [A] accepted [B] approved [C] assumed [D] acknowledged

  17. [A] but for [B] let alone [C] regardless of [D] much less

  18. [A] cope [B] challenge [C] tackle [D] undertake

  19. [A] matched [B] related [C] united [D] associated

  20. [A] bonded [B] combined [C] merged [D] incorporated   答案

  1.C 2.A 3.D 4.B 5.B 6.C 7.A 8.C 9.B 10.D

  11.B 12.C 13.C 14.B 15.D 16.A 17. B 18.C 19.D 20.B









The mass media is a big part of our culture,yet it can also be a helper,adviser and teacher to our young generation. The mass media affects the lives of our young by acting as a(an)__1__for a number of institutions and social contacts. In this way,it__2__ a variety of functions in human life.

  The time spent in front of the television screen is usually at the__3__ of leisure:there is less time for games,amusement and rest.__4__ by what is happening on the screen,children not only imitate what they see but directly__5__ themselves with different characters. Americans have been concerned about the__6__ of violence in the media and its__7__harm to children and adolescents for at least forty years. During this period,new media __8__,such as video games,cable television,music videos,and the Internet. As they continue to gain popularity,these media,__9__television,__10__public concern and research attention.

  Another large societal concern on our young generation__11__by the media,is body image.__12__forces can influence body image positively or negatively.__13__one,societal and cultural norms and mass media marketing__14__our concepts of beauty. In the mass media,the images of__15__beauty fill magazines and newspapers,__16__from our televisions and entertain us__17__the movies. Even in advertising,the mass media__18__on accepted cultural values of thinness and fitness for commercial gain. Young adults are presented with a__19__defined standard of attractiveness,a(n)__20__that carries unrealistic physical expectations.

  1. [A] alternative [B] preference [C] substitute [D] representative

  2. [A] accomplishes[B] fulfills [C] provides [D] suffices

  3. [A] risk [B] mercy [C] height [D] expense

  4. [A] Absorbed [B] Attracted [C] Aroused [D] Addicted

  5. [A] identify [B] recognize [C] unify [D] equate

  6. [A] abundance [B] incidence [C] prevalence [D] reccurrence

  7. [A] disposed [B] hidden [C] implicit [D] potential

  8. [A] merged [B] emerged [C] immerged [D] submerged

  9. [A] apart from [B] much as [C] but for [D] along with

  10. [A] promote [B] propel [C] prompt [D] prosper

  11. [A] inspired [B] imposed [C] delivered [D] contributed

  12. [A] External [B] Exterior [C] Explicit [D] Exposed

  13. [A] As [B] At [C] For [D] In

  14. [A] mark [B] effect [C] impact [D] shock

  15. [A] generalized [B] regularized [C] standardized[D] categorized

  16. [A] boom [B] bottom [C] brim [D] beam

  17. [A] over [B] with [C] on [D] at

  18. [A] play [B] take [C] profit [D] resort

  19. [A] barely [B] carefully [C] narrowly [D] subjectively

  20. [A] ideal [B] image [C] stereotype [D] criterion   答案

  1. C 2. B 3. D 4. B 5. A 6. C 7. D 8. B 9.D 10. C

  11. B 12.A 13. C 14. C 15. C 16. A 17. D 18. A 19.C 20.A