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  At night, today is the annual Lantern Festival, people happily walked to square, see yuanxiao party, watch the fireworks.
  Have people mountain people sea, in the square heads. The faces of people like smile became a bright flower. My mother and I to watch, I can't see, mother picked up me, I see, is surrounded by a piece of boundless, it is estimated that there are thousands of!!!!
  Yuanxiao party began, the first show is the dragon, you see, the two dragons in tease each other, play, the scene like live. The second program is the dance, see them wearing a green skirt, turn left, turn right, neat, beautiful, fast, like a dragonfly flying.
  The fireworks began to put, hey! All kinds of fireworks various, rapidly changing. Fireworks fireworks like a gem, like a "in" word, and fireworks as lanterns. Oh!
  Fireworks can also rapidly changing. In front of the fireworks is a just now, suddenly becomes open into millions of fireworks. Clearly is an ordinary fireworks, a flash becomes like a meteor.
  Yuanxiao party today, what a linger.
  Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, embodying the wisdom of the Chinese people and the emotion, thousands of words also couldn't say for sure, I will say today I of the Lantern Festival.
  We want to eat dumplings every year, and the moral of dumplings is a reunion, as long as the family together the feeling of happiness like in filling sweetness, let people never forget! As long as the family reunion is better than thousands of gifts, as long as the family can gather together a cup of the celebration, eliminates the loneliness of the New Year, this is more than the countless blessings must warm!
  Suddenly, "..." The New Year's bell sounded, suddenly boiling city! Than the fireworks into the sky, such as silver arrows, such as meteor, more like a small ball of fire into the night, they through the night, fireworks together, then exploded, painted on the sky the bright flowers, light interweave together, for the night paint a beautiful picture. And then introduced into our ears, a deafening explosion that were eliminated, at this time in the coming year the New Year passed from fireworks explosions!
  The Lantern Festival, blended in the festival of the Chinese emotions, let all people never forget!
  In the firecrackers, ushered in the traditional festival - the Lantern Festival in China.
  The Lantern Festival, of course, in the morning should eat a bowl of steaming hot dumplings. Dumplings made with sticky dough rub, powder white, thin, on the pot steamed for a while. Cooked dumplings, like a lovely baby. A bite, very hot hot black sesame roll like water flowing into the lungs and mouth is filled with thick sesame flavor, emotions and thoughts on the tip of the tongue with that kind of sweet honey and taste, represents a HeHeMuMu life.
  In the evening, I go play outside, streets are decorated, the most beautiful is the moat. City moat lights, thronged. I wander in the light of the world, watch carefully, lifelike gold fish lamp, image lifelike lotus lamp, of primitive simplicity and elegant palace lantern, all kinds of lights elegant, exquisite decoration, fine workmanship, really make a person dazzling, breathtaking. In a calm river, which reflects the light shadow, as if under the river also lit a lamp. There was a slight breeze, surface ripples, light shadow followed the wobbly.
  "Good!" Attracted by a burst of cheers me, turned out to be nearby someone guess riddles. I also want to guess in the past, but we had too many people, formed a "person" wall, enclosed as the stage of guess riddles. I stand outside the 'people' wall, listening to the sounds of laughter from inside. The host began to say lantern riddle: "a man a mouth (guess a word)." I thought to myself: what is that? I'm thinking of, an old man raised his hand, replied: "is a 'or' word." The host and smiling said: "congratulations to you, right." The words sound just fell and around there was a thunderous applause.
  The Lantern Festival, the boisterous festival, in the laughter of people in the end.