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  1. skirt   pants   short   jacket

  2. lunch   dinner   cake   breakfast

  3. too   five   one   nine

  4. Chinese   English   Math   class

  5. green   read   yellow   white

  二,补全单词 (10)

  1,计算机  c  mp  t  r

  2, 灯   li  h

  3,      your

  4,图片   pi  tu  e

  5,八    ei   t

  6,    what

  7,时间 ti  e

  8,黄色的 y llo

  9, skirt

  10,地板  fl  r


  (   )1,   is your computer.

  A,His B,That C,Hat

  (   )2,Is this a teacher's desk    Yes,

  A,it isn't B,is it C,it is

  (   )3,What are they     .

  A,That is a jacket. B,Those are my socks.

  (   )4,英语询问"现在几点了":

  A,What is it B,Who is that C,What time is it

  (   )5,Where is the computer room It's on (二楼).

  A,the third floor B,the first floor C,the second floor

  (   )6,What is your sister name?   name is Mary.

  A. Her B. My C. She

  (   )7,Is this a teacher's office Yes,   .

  A. He is B. it is C. she is

  (   )8,What   is it ?It's 4 o'clock.

  A. colour B. time C. class

  (   )9,What colour are your socks ?They   white.

  A. is B. are

  (   )10,   is my brown jacket ?It is on the chair.

  A. What B. How C. Where

  11,What time is it?

  A.It’s 7 o’clock B.Time for P.E.

  12,Where are my shoes?

  A They are white   B They are on the bed

  13,What’s this?

  A It’s yellow   B It’s a banana


  A 栏

  (   )1.How many shirts are there on the bed

  (   )2.What are they

  (   )3.Is your teacher in the classroom

  (   )4. Whose is the pen?

  (   )5. What time is it

  (   )6. What colour is his jacket


  A. It's four o'clock.  B. Yes, she is.   C. There are two.

  D. They are books.   E. It is pink.  F. It’s Amy’s


  1)I'm Alice. This is our school. It is big. This is my classroom. It's big and clean. Look! That is my desk. It is yellow. My teacher is Miss Li. She is in the classroom. She is a good teacher. I like my teacher.

  1, ( ) My name is Alice.

  2, ( ) My school is small.

  3, ( ) My classroom is dirty( 脏的 ).

  4, ( ) My desk is yellow.

  5, ( ) Miss Li is not in the classroom.

  2)Dear Grandma:

  Thank you for the new sandals. They are cool! It is hot in Guangdong. It’s sunny too. I can wear my sandals. I have a new dress. It’s colourful. My old dress is too small.

  I want to buy a T-shirt. It is thirty yuan. I think it is cheap. What is the weather like in Harbin? Is it hot?



  1,It is cold in Guangdong.

  2,Sarah has a new dress.

  3,The T-shirt is cheap.

  4,Sarah wants to buy a pair of sandals.

  5,It is hot in Harbin.