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  概述:这次考试填空题占比正常,难度适中;S1出现4题基本功(日期,电话,地址,时间),日期涉及年月日信息量较长,加上是第一题学生要跟上音频速度,另外时间的题目要小心干扰项,地址题注意门牌号有出现字母; S1其它的题目单词比较简单都是名词;但是其中一题涉及到动词词组的ed形式要小心; S2和S3出现多题单选和多选,题目和选项较长,读题难度较高,学生需要注意读题速度,匹配题不难,但要小心有大量同义替换出现; S4填空答案词难度不高,但出现了形容词的级和名词复数较多,学生要细心,想要考高分的同学需要多练习填词准确度。

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  1. Date : 8 November 1987

  2. Tel: 0777343

  3. Address: Flat 22A Circle

  4. House with: insurance

  5. Focus on: location

  6. Looking for job related to: newspaper

  7. Time to see the house: 9:50

  8. Previous experience: cleaning duty

  9. Wife had: health problem

  10. Will have: interview



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  11-16)Multiple Choice

  11-12)Which two types of houses are easily getting on fire?

  A. building made of wood

  B. old buildings

  C. buildings in poor area/low income family

  D. buildings which are long unoccupied

  E. rented accommodation

  13-14)Why the reports of fire cases late?

  A. the witness thought the case had been reported to police

  B. most people were asleep

  C. people believe they can put out fire first by themselves

  D. faculty instructions

  E. the alarm doesn’t work

  15-16)Which fire risks people pay least attention to?

  A. portable heater

  B. cooking oil

  C. candle

  D. 暂缺

  E. 暂缺


  A. need to do regularly

  B. need to be installed especially in big house

  C. to be postponed

  B. often to be overlooked/forgotten

  17. install a smoke alarm——B

  18. discuss a fire escape planning——D

  19. alarm cleaning——A

  20. fire contact phone service——C



  Section 4






  31. Need enough materials for language research

  32. Writing word in clay tablet was the oldest

  33. Sometimes one can guess the meaning of words through the context of words

  34. Collecting samples of words

  35. Some words are on monuments

  36. Information are mainly names

  37. Italian and Greek write in different direction

  38. From for circles

  39. It was a type of printing

  40. Served as a game or puzzle




  Film stars


  domestic films 国内电影

  imported films 国外电影

  filmgoers 影迷

  blockbusters 大片

  1. Who is your favorite film star?

  Actually I wouldn’t say that I have one particular favourite, and if I'm completely honest I'd have to say that I don’t really pay much attention to film stars'names or who they are and that kind of thing, I just like watching good films I'm not really bothered about who the actors or actresses are.

  分析:此题回答难度不大,可以正面回答最喜欢的电影明星是谁,然后拓展一下此明星的背景、参演的电影以及你为什么喜欢ta。也可以参考前考官的答案, 直接说没有最喜欢的电影明星。

  加分词汇:Actually; particular.

  地道表达:if I'm completely honest…坦诚说….; I’m not really bothered about…并不介意….

  2. Are film stars from overseas famous in your country?

  I think young people might be quite into film stars from overseas because they tend to watch more international films and especially Hollywood blockbusters and things like that; older filmgoers are a bit different though, they probably prefer watching domestic films rather than imported films so older cinema fans are less likely to know foreign film stars.


  加分词汇:blockbusters 大片;filmgoers 影迷, 常看电影的人;

  地道表达:be into… 喜欢;

  加分短语:tend to; be likely to; domestic films 国内电影; imported films 国外电影; prefer…rather than….

  3. Which do you prefer, international film stars or film stars from your country?

  As I said earlier I don't pay much attention to film stars but If I had to choose I'd probably pick someone from my own country simply because I'd be more likely to see that person in the media, you know like being interviewed on chat shows so I'd be more familiar with that person.


  加分词汇:probably; simply.

  地道表达:chat shows 访谈节目;

  加分短语:be familiar with…; be likely to….



  Spring festival 春节

  Lunar New Year's Eve 除夕

  the Lantern Festival 元宵节

  Spring Festival Gala 春节联欢晚会

  spring festival couplets 春联

  1. What is your favorite festival?

  Just like most Chinese people, my favourite festival is Spring Festival, which is also known as Chinese New Year. It's the main one in my country and most people have quite a nostalgic connection to it, so yeah without doubt, Spring Festival is my favourite.

  分析:此题难度水平较低,主要是要掌握中国各类节日的英语表达。The Dragon Boat Festival 端午节;Double Ninth Festival 重阳节;Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节;National Day 国庆节。

  加分词汇:nostalgic 怀旧的; 乡愁的;

  地道表达:without doubt; be known as…..

  2. How do you celebrate this festival?

  Well typically in my country this festival is all about spending time with family so we all congregate at a relative's home and spend one or two days there eating home-cooked food and just chatting up with each other. The main focus of the festival is being with family so that’s precisely what we do – spend time with our relatives.


  加分词汇:typically; congregate 聚集; precisely

  地道表达:home-cooked food; chat up 聊天。

  3. Do you celebrate festivals from other countries?

  There are certain festivals such as Christmas and Halloween, and we sometimes have parties with friends to mark these festivals but we don’t really celebrate them in the same way that we celebrate festivals from our own country, we don't take them very seriously they are just an excuse to have a party.


  地道表达:certain festivals; mark these festivals 度过此节日,庆祝此节日。

  加分语法:in the same way that…that 引导的方式状语。

  4. Where do people usually go during festivals?

  As I mentioned before, for almost every Chinese festival we traditionally spend time at home with family. But in recent years this habit is shifting slightly – young people are increasingly choosing to spend festivals abroad, travelling on holiday. I think this is because they see festivals as time-off work so it’s a perfect opportunity to go travelling. So a lot of younger adults go travelling but older people will still opt for spending time with family.


  加分词汇:traditionally; shifting slightly 有所改变;increasingly。

  地道表达:As I mentioned before(这个是很好的discourse marker话语标记语, 雅思口语评分标准里有此要求,大家要学会使用);time-off work休假时间;opt for选择。


  Passage 1


  文章题目:Reef Fish Study(关于岩礁鱼的研究)



  介绍了reef fish的三个生命阶段,并且介绍了bigger means better的理论,以及该理论(体型越大越占优势)对于被捕食者和捕食者是否适用。



  1. FALSE

  2. TRUE


  4. FALSE

  5. mouth size

  6. medium

  7. artificial light

  8. net

  9. laboratory

  10. new moon

  11. fish body

  12. open ocean

  13. reef

  14. mortality

  可参考真题:C11T3P2:Great Migrations

  Passage 2


  文章题目:Corporate Social Responsibility(企业社会责任)



  文章介绍了企业社会责任是如何帮助企业解决面临的各种问题,并且促进了企业和社会的相互依赖的关系。举例了三个公司(GE, Microsoft和Whole Food Market)如何在日常运营中提现中企业社会责任。



  14. v

  15. viii

  16. vi

  17. vii

  18. iii

  19. i

  20. ii

  21. equal opportunity

  22. internal costs

  23. C

  24. C

  25. A

  26. B



  Corporate Social Responsibility

  The moral appeal---arguing that companies have a duty to be good citizens and to “do the right thing”---is prominent in the goal of Business for Social Responsibility, the leading nonprofit CSR business association in the United States.

  A An excellent definition was developed in the 1980s ‘‘Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The notion of license to operate derives from the fact that every company needs tacit or explicit permission from governments, communities, and numerous other stakeholders to do business. Finally, reputation is used by many companies to justify CSR initiatives on the grounds that they will improve a company’s image, strengthen its brand, enliven morale, and even raise the Value of its stock.

  B To advance CSR, we must root it in a broad understanding of the interrelationship between a corporation and society. To say broadly that business and society need each other might seem like a cliché, but it is also the basic truth that will pull companies out of the muddle that their current corporate-responsibility thinking has created. Successful corporations need a healthy society. Education, health care, and equal opportunity are essential to a productive workforce. Safe products and working conditions not only attract customers but lower the internal costs of accidents. Efficient utilization of land, water, energy, and other natural resources makes business more productive. Good government, the rule of Jaw, and property rights are essential for efficiency and innovation. Any business that pursues its ends at the expense of the society in which it operates will find its success to be illusory and ultimately temporary. At the same time, a health society needs successful companies. No social program can rival the business sector when it comes to creating the jobs, wealth, and innovation that improve standards of living and social conditions over time.

  C A company’s impact on society also changes over time, as social standards evolve and science progresses. Asbestos, now understood as a serious health risk, was thought to be safe in the early 1900s, given the scientific knowledge then available. Evidence of its risks gradually mounted for more than 50 years before any company was held liable for the harms it can cause. Many firms that failed to anticipate the consequences of this evolving body of research have been bankrupt by the results. No longer can companies be content to monitor only the obvious social impacts of today. Without a careful process for identifying evolving social effects of tomorrow, firms may risk their very survival.

  D No business can solve all of society’s problems or bear the cost of doing so. Instead, each company must select issues that intersect with its particular business. Corporations are not responsible for all the world's problems, nor do they have the resources to solve them all. Each company can identify the particular set of societal problems that it is best equipped to help resolve and from which it can gain the greatest competitive benefit. Addressing social issues by creating shared value will lead to self-sustaining solutions that do not depend on private or government subsidies. When a well-run business applies its vast resources, expertise, and management talent to problems that it understands and in which it has a stake, it can have a greater impact on social good than any other institution or philanthropic organization.

  E The best corporate citizenship initiatives involve far more than writing a check: they specify clear, measurable goals and track results over time. A good example is GE’s program to adopt underperforming public high schools near several of its major U.S. Facilities. The company contributes between $250, 000 and $1 million over a five-year period to each school and makes in-kind donations as well GE managers and employees take an active role by working with school administrators to assess needs and mentor or tutor students. The graduation rate of these schools almost doubled during this time period. Effective corporate citizenship initiatives such as this one create goodwill and improve relations with local governments and other important constituencies. What’s more, GE’s employees feel great pride in their participation. Their effect is inherently limited though. No matter how beneficial the program is, it remains incidental to the company's business, and the direct effect on GE’s recruiting and retention is modest.

  F Microsoft is a good example of a shared-value opportunity arising from investments in context. The shortage of information technology workers is a significant constraint on Microsoft’s growth, currently, there are more than 450,000 unfilled IT positions in the United States alone. Community colleges, representing 45% of all U.S . Undergraduates, could be a major solution. Microsoft recognizes, however, that community colleges face special challenges: IT curricula are not standardized, technology used in classrooms is often outdated, and there are no systematic professional development programs to keep faculty up to date. In addition to contributing money and products, Microsoft sent employee volunteers to colleges to assess needs, contribute to curriculum development, and create faculty development institutes. Note that in this case, volunteers and assigned staff were able to use their core professional skills to address a social need, a far cry from typical volunteer programs. Microsoft has achieved results that have benefited many communities while having a direct-and potentially significant-impact on the company.

  G At the heart of any strategy is a unique value proposition: a set of needs a company can meet for its chosen customers that others cannot. The most strategic CSR occurs when a company adds a social dimension to its value proposition, making social impact integral to the overall strategy Consider Whole Foods Market, whose value proposition is to sell organic, natural, and healthy food products to customers who are passionate about food and the environment. Whole Foods’ commitment to natural and environmentally friendly operating practices extends well beyond sourcing. Stores are constructed using a minimum of virgin raw materials. Recently, the company purchased renewable wind energy credits equal to 100% of its electricity use in all of its stores and facilities, the only Fortune 500 Company to offset its electricity consumption entirely. Spoiled produce and biodegradable waste are trucked to regional centers for composting. Whole Foods’ vehicles are being converted to run on biofuels. Even the cleaning products used in its stores are environmentally friendly. And through its philanthropy, the company has created the Animal Compassion Foundation to develop more natural and humane ways of raising farm animals. In short, nearly every aspect of the company’s value chain reinforces the social dimensions of its value proposition, distinguishing Whole Foods from its competitors.

  Passage 3







  TASK 1




  因为题目中给出了四个具体国家的名称,改写题目时可以统称为four European countries.



  第二个明显特征是在英国完全没有使用biologically (生物科技) 的方式出理垃圾,而在剩下的国家都保持一个接近2%的使用率;


  最后一个特征是在荷兰有4%的burnt(焚烧)垃圾处理率,然而其他三个国家只有大约一半的采纳率(a half).

  TASK 2

  You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

  Write about the following topic:

  Some people argue that the fittest and strongest individuals and teams can achieve the greatest success in sports. But other people think the success is much related to the mental attitude. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

  Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

  Write at least 250 words.




  TA/TR(key words):









  There is a common belief that players who achieve a perfect physique level would have better performance in sports competition, while others believe that strong-minded perseverance is the determinate factor. In my opinion, though fitness level is important, the most essential element should be mental attitude.

  Being physically strong is crucial for a sport player. Many studies have shown that having a perfect physique level means that one can exert better power of explosive strength and endurance, and these attributes are required by many sports activities such as basketball and rugby. In addition, showing a quicker judgement is another ability exerted by those players, and this means that they may come up with efficient strategies and are capable of finding holes in the opposing defense.

  There is no denying a fact that being mentally strong is also important in competitions. The most inspiring fact about the Paralympics is to convey to people that those who are physically disabled can also achieve greater success with the help of specialized trainings. In addition, perseverance means that a player is willing to contribute and control their emotions regardless of the pressure imposed by their opponents. These abilities ensure that a player is clear-minded and can make the right judgement, while refrain from irrational behavior towards opponent and referee. Also, being a clear-minded player ensures the flow of cooperation in team work, to some extent reducing mental pressure of the teammates while providing better strategies.

  In conclusion, a person with a superior fitness level may achieve a greater success in competitions, but one cannot make an achievement without the ability to endure mental stress and the willingness to make an effort in teams.

  (279 words)


  Nowadays, the performance of sportsmen in worldwide tournaments and competitions has been arising great attention from patriotic people who believe and expect the glory and reputation for their motherland. But there is a fierce discussion about what kind of athletes can be the firework lighting on the international stage, for which I think that the success depends on multiple factors.

  It is a common sense that the person who is muscular and has a proper body shape could be regarded as the right one to get some significant achievements in physical activities, which is true, since these competitions set high requirements in one's body and not everyone can meet those needs innately; besides, such gifts cannot be acquired by later training. Thus, people with natural talents in the field have the greatest potential to reach the gold medal. Similarly, in the team competition, the physical condition of each member can be the decisive factor to win, which is why most countries invest lots of funds and put more attention to select and train the candidates for national teams.

  However, just having a strong body cannot help one became excellent in a sport; combined with a firm will, the players could reach the peak of their career. No one would deny the essence of determination by which the people can be motivated and passionate about all the difficulties on the way to success, and it also can be a way of stimulation when the dilemma appears. In addition, if a man had a clear purpose about what he wants, he would be hardworking and never give up, which may be a chance for one to learn and improve some skills.

  In conclusion, to separate the physical factor and mental attitude is not the correct method to consider how to be successful; both can contribute. The talented body can be the priceless treasure to cultivate the person to be outstanding, while, without the efforts and diligence, the success would never knock the door.