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  Today is New Year's day, I, mother and grandmother go to the supermarket. Go out have a look at the weather, just like put a lot of smoke, the foliage.

  In the supermarket, mother first thing is to give my grandmother to buy clothes, buy out again to buy her, I think when I turn? Are more than two hours, finally see the toys, I ran past picked out a box of kitchen utensils and appliances model, the grandmother bought me a box, we happily go back. At home, my grandmother give me cut a little stir, I put in a small pot, pour some water, put on my home appliance heaters, hot, put some sesame seeds, salt, for my mother to eat.

  Start her don't eat, at my request, she didn't eat "rice", she also try not to eat to feel! Ha ha.





  Our class held a celebration of New Year's day party.

  Talking and laughing in the classroom, very lively. See the blackboard wrote six characters: celebrate New Year's day party.

  The host took office! "First of all, let's welcome kinds of scene to we play" descendants of the dragon." The classroom immediately broke into a round of applause. I quickly walked on stage and bowed first, and then skillfully up the beautiful melody. I play and sing, many students also follow me to sing, the students continually applaud for me, my heart is very happy.

  "Next, please welcome Xu Ruiyu show the rope to wear a neck for us." See Xu Ruiyu by a rope tightly hold his neck, and then stopped shaking hands, the rope came up from the inside of the neck and pull in the hands of Xu Ruiyu. Hey, how did the rope in the past from the neck? Amazing!

  Next, the students have a lot of performance, singing, guessing riddles, a brain teasers, and magic... Every show is wonderful.

  Walk on the way home, I keep thinking: the celebration of New Year's day party of our class is really too wonderful!








  In order to welcome the New Year's day, on Friday afternoon, the campus held a grand "celebrate New Year's day" activities.

  First of all, is broadcast gymnastics competition, in order to win the good grades in the game, we spent a lot of time training before class game broadcasting gymnastics movement, finally, the test of time, everyone in school uniform, Shouting loud slogans, stepping the pace of neat went to the playground. Students in action finally won a radio gymnastics competition first prize.

  Next is the tug of war, the race began, only listen to referee a whistle, four students in our class and rival (a) class all hard pull back, easily won the first round of our class. The second round, our class in the place, the game began, the referee blows the whistle, our class began desperately, but four makes for (a) classes, see our class is about to lose, we cheerleaders and yell: "come on! Come on!" Only hear a whistle, our class finally won again! The students happy cheer up!

  This is really a memorable New Year's day!






  In the first day of New Year's day celebrating New Year's day in class, we held a party.

  The students spent two or three days to decorate the classroom, the teacher let them play imagination, adornment to having a unique style. Colorful flowers hanging on the ceiling, the door with a bow of color paper folding with, window on the place of small pine with ribbons, everyone was busy, to create such a beautiful sight. New Year's day party began, the existing two small host to the opening word, and then submitted to the program. Let me the deepest impression has three programs. The first is a girl's dance, there are a lot of difficult moves, the splits, leg lifts, says he is perfect completed smoothly. The second is a boy and scientific experiments, won applause. Third, the two girls song -- which reworks tammy wynette, pigs behaviour, appearance of dripping wet acme, let the students open laugh, laugh all the teacher.

  My classmates each other blessing, happy New Year's day.



  同学都互相祝福 ,元旦快乐。


  Mention New Year's day, have to mention is that fireworks. Can hear firecrackers every year New Year's day, it's New Year's day is the most unforgettable voice, huan is so happy happy days, also make New Year's day memorable!

  In this jubilant day, let I can't help but think of the tang dynasty poet of chang "sea day born residual night, stories into the old year. Township where books, belong to the wild goose luoyang edge." Also produced a thick thoughts of love.

  Desire to desire, desire for mother warm greetings; Eager to get his father kindly care, Eager to home to the rich smell of soup; Craving to bring home feeling full of food.