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  Christmas Eve is common say on Christmas Eve, the night, the whole family will be reunited in the sitting room, around the tree to sing Christmas songs, exchange gifts to each other, each other to share the joys and sorrows of life for a year, expressing their blessings and love. On this day in the evening you will see a group of cute little boys or little girls, hand guitar poetry, a dancer a singing poetry. This festival is really good news team come from?

  The birth of Jesus that night, a watch over their flocks of shepherd in the wilderness, suddenly heard a voice from heaven, quote them the good news of Jesus' birth. According to the bible, Jesus came to be the king of the world, and therefore, angel through these shepherds pass more and more people know the news.

  Then people would follow the example of an angel, on Christmas Eve the night of the dissolution everywhere preach the message of Jesus' birth, until today, good news has become the indispensable a Christmas show.

  Usually good news team consists of about 20 young people, and one for the little girl dressed as an angel and a Santa Claus. After the night skies on New Year's eve is about nine o 'clock, started a company to good tidings. When good news team to go to a family, can sing a few first familiar Christmas songs, and then by the little girl reads the words of the bible to wants somebody else know tonight was the day of Jesus' birth, everyone together to sing again after a two poems, again by generous Santa send Christmas gift to the family of small hall, the whole process of going caroling is complete! The good tidings of activities about end until four o 'clock in the morning the next day or so.






  The night of Christmas Eve is a mystery, in this time to eat the apple fruit (apple is peace). Heard that as long as peace at 12 o 'clock at night to eat fruit on 24th day this year will be in peace. Of course, that night we all dormitories are full of curiosity, ate with the secret of peace, but not at twelve o 'clock. But everyone still in my heart silently with his wish.

  At this moment, I thought of a thing loudly shout out. "Quick, bring socks for me, I will put it on the bed." Dormitory members of frowning puzzled, I fit into a learned professor with relish, said: "don't know this, and let the professor let me teach you, legend has it that there will be a Santa Claus, Christmas and when Christmas Eve that night, he would have come from the chimney to be afraid of us, as long as you put what you want to write on the paper in the sock he saw will satisfy your desire, let your dreams come true!" Say that finish, you hurry up, "we don't have the chimney? This dormitory will he not to give us?" All innocent, curious said. Ha ha I laughed aloud, it's ok let's give he made a false chimney not have it, he will find the entrance to the gifts to us. So, all in high spirits made up. Soon ready, and then we took a sock and a piece of paper to write on the gift, they want excitement it to socks, looking forward to the emergence of Santa Claus...

  So, we with great expectation and overworked body was asleep, sleep until dawn.

  In this way, Christmas Eve is spent happily, you will never forget the day night!






  Jingle bells, jingle bells. Santa Claus in children was sleeping after driving a sleigh full of gifts, across the night sky, give each child's bed that only the desire under the red socks are filled with gifts.

  And this is a bit unrealistic for us, because we grew up in the home of the dragon, is a descendant of the dragon. Five thousand years in this ancient nation has not had a man called Santa Claus have been here, in this ancient nation didn't have a child on Christmas day and the peace of the night before going to bed holding a red socks a lot strange wish; There is only the front of the red lanterns and the antithesis neat couplet and want to nine days of firecrackers. In this way, five thousand years of history, will we separated.

  The 21st century today, as the tide of The Times, the as if can achieve any old man driving a sleigh full of gifts he night sky across the Pacific. Over five thousand years of history; Came to the home of the dragon, to with a five thousand - year - old state with a laugh. Let us also start to learn in this Christmas night made a lot of strange desire. Learn to send blessings to others.

  On Christmas Eve today, originally I thought spent and will be like the past shade, no gifts and no blessing. Can look very fierce at ordinary times can not think of the teacher in charge should buy one red and one of the big apple apple Shared, apple, standing on the platform of he somewhat like the Santa Claus, laden with gifts; Although he does not wish when we are asleep will present with our red socks, but he will the blessings of Christmas fill each apple. Smell the fragrance of apple, munching. Sweet to the bottom of my heart.

  On this Christmas Eve, Santa Claus from afar, is he from afar brings hope and happiness to this ancient nation of every household.

  Listen, he's here!