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  My life is a blank paper, is my parents brought me into this world, so the paper began with the color of life, enthusiastic red, pure white, bright yellow, leisurely and comfortable green, occasionally also can appear just light.

  When I fail, my parents always cheer me up. My parents always comfort me when I'm sad. When I succeed, my parents will laugh with me. When I make a mistake, my parents will always be patient with education me, enlighten me.

  It's cold, my parents always tell me to wear more clothes; Far away, my parents often told me to pay attention to my body. There is some nagging, but it contains deep love.

  We all say that maternal love is great, the mother love is great, not only is her selflessness and selflessness, a cup of water, a clothing, all have parents to our care.

  We often think that when we grow up, we will be able to repay our parents. But we have thought, time is not rao, wait for us to have the interest, but then parents may be no longer.

  The greatest sorrow in the world is this. Parents don't need a good material life, they need our care. From now on, share points for your parents!








  Today is Thanksgiving Day, thinking of mom's daily hard work, I decided to help my mother to tow the land.

  I happily picked up the mop, humming a ditty, left drag drag right drag drag, drag in, even just drag the place is dirty with your feet, mother see me so son, to longly say: "son! Why do you sweep the world without a house?" After listening to my mother's words, I bowed my head in shame and determined that I could do it well! I followed my mother's request over and over again, checking every place, and not letting go of any dead corners. After the dry, I see, wow! The ground was spotless and saw the fruits of their labor. The hard work had been completely forgotten.

  My mother said meaningfully, "no pain, no gain. Believe you will do better in the future!"





  Are parents, gave me precious life; Are parents, let me come to this beautiful planet; Is the parents, with love in my hold up over a rain umbrella...

  At home, good, have left us; In the middle of the night, we all go to bed, there are two familiar figure in the busy, father for our future thinking, mother is knitting a sweater for us. Mother knitted sweaters warm my body not only, more the warmth of my heart.

  I want to thank my parents, I want to sincerely say to parents: "you hard."

  What kind of parents to return? With what to show filial obedience parents? There is only one answer: with excellent grades in return for them, can't let parents work in vain.

  Thank you very much, my respected parents!







  In our life, there are many worthy of thanks to the people and things, thoughtful parents, described the teachers, classmates, morning and night get along with happy and happy life... Sometimes, even if is a failure, a little frustration, a criticism, also give us the upward momentum, also let us to be grateful. It is, however, I would like to thank the considerate parents.

  The word "thoughtful", in the parents just right, not letter, you to listen to me slowly: it was a season of summer, hot rolled YunShao quietly over, gentle and soft. That night, I am writing homework attentively. Suddenly in the sight of a dark, mother gave me lit a candle and force can be written, but I sweat from his forehead to tip. Mother saw me in this way, a little love dearly, so it gave me the fan to fan, although the wind is cold, but the heart is warm. After half an hour of struggling, I finished my homework, lying in bed ready to sleep, my mother was still in the fan. At this time, just come back from work my father said: "first you sleep, I come!" So my dad gave me the wind, the cool wind blow on my body already became a warm current, flow all over my body, accompany me to sleep.

  The love of parents is the world's most selfless love, at the same time, it is the greatest love of all, we should learn to thank, thank you for the thoughtful parents, do a grateful man. Don't see because of the familiar eyes.





  We can live in this beautiful, wonderful world, because our parents raised us. They taught us the life every one of the first, is the first step they taught us to walk, is they taught us that the first sentence, is they taught us to recognize the first word... If without our dear parents, there is no us.

  One time, I got acute disease, just the heavy rain that day, mom and dad are very worried, they take me to the hospital together, dad behind my back that day, mother behind his umbrella to us, because it was late, we only have to walk to the hospital, the mother to the hospital to register, with my dad, waiting for the doctor to see a doctor for me, that we always stay up till midnight, see I don't have anything, mom and dad with a smile, but my tears blurred my eyes. So I told mom and dad said: "I will study hard repay you later." They said: "as long as you are healthy and happy, good performance, is the best for us in return." I nodded solemnly. From then on, I told myself I must good good study, don't let parents worry about, because I want to use results to repay their parents.

  I am very grateful to my parents, I want to learn to be grateful. Have words to say well "who made the heart-inch grass, at a three chunhui". Therefore, in order to repay hard raising my parents, I must study hard now, when I grow up, find a good job, let parents abetted. Parents paid for me, I will thank you ten times, one hundred times, return them, let them give valuable.


  有一次,我得了急病,那天正好下着大雨,爸爸妈妈都很着急,他们就一起送我到医院,那天爸爸背着我,妈妈在后面给我们打着伞,由于已经很晚了,我们只有步行到医院,到了医院妈妈去挂号,爸爸陪我一起等着医生为我看病,那天我们一直熬到半夜,看到我没有什么事情,爸爸妈妈都露出了笑容, 可是我的泪水却模糊了我的眼睛。于是我对爸爸妈妈说:“我以后一定会好好学习报答你们的。”他们说:“只要你健康快乐,成绩好,就是对我们的回报。”我郑重地点了点头。 从那以后,我对自己说我一定要好好学习,不让父母操心,因为我要用成绩来报答父母。



  Parents fostered a seedling - that is what we are. In the storm, they like a big umbrella, zhefengdangyu for us, do their best to protect us, we must learn to Thanksgiving our parents.

  As the saying goes, the father's day, mother earth. Yeah! Is you give us enough nutrition; Is you give us sufficient moisture. Is you give us abundant sunshine; Give us enough oxygen. It is our great parents.

  Gratitude is the traditional virtue of Chinese people. You will know gratitude towards the road to success, you know that gratitude soul becomes more rich, know gratitude your life will be more happy, happy. Gratitude is not saying a word, it is to rely on your own efforts can be obtained. The ancient Confucius, mencius and Lao tze which are know Thanksgiving will big achievements in return for their parents. With parents only have we, no parents we come from?

  People ask me how to repay their parents? I said to them, go with your heart grateful; Use the results to return them.

  People are always not satisfied, always want to get more. But if not grateful parents, can't get to the divine.

  Quick to cherish! Let us learn to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving care your people care you love you of person!








  Thanksgiving parents, always thought is a simple thing, but there is only one word, do it. However, we have only two words, to parents of gratitude.

  If we don't want to parents, parents tend to put the thing to us, is that you don't feel warm? We are in trouble, not just parents to help us solve?

  We always say repay their parents when they grow up, parents waiting for this day is too long for too long, we should start small, do every detail let parents moved, grow up, parents etc. This day is happy, moved.

  We should repay our parents, if parents beat you is because you naughty, many parents have high expectations, a less-pressured expectations, grow up, don't failed to live up to their parents expect of you.






  Parents' love, everywhere. My parents are my favorite people, but also the most let I respect people, thank them for me to raise me, for my life and study.

  Since kindergarten, parents began to bid farewell to life easily. Because I have to go to school on time, so they wake me up on time every morning and ready for breakfast, and then send me to school, school, day after day, year by year, three years in a row.

  In elementary school, the parents at the contact schools on the move for me, hope I have a good learning environment.

  Into the school, and on time every day to take me home, rain or shine.

  Parents gave me life and study on a lot of help, when I was ill, they will take care of me; When I read tired, they make my quiet environment, let me have a good rest; When the weather turns cold, they gave me clothes to wear. Is my parents gave me such a good living space.

  Parents help on learning not only give me life, gave me a good education, when I encountered setbacks, when I don't honest, when I haggle over every ounce with others, they education I to be honest, don't lie, learn to easy.

  One such example. A mother's love is sweet, fatherly love is deep.

  I think the loudly say to parents: papa, mama, I love you!










  You heard of "pitiful world parents heart" this famous saying, yes, this quote is a quote about with their parents.

  Next, I will give you say my parents.

  My parents are very painful, I remember a stormy night, bean big rain to smash the window cracked. At that night, I suddenly shook to whole body after wake up the sleeping mother, a mother took out a thermometer, 39 degrees. At this point it out, hurriedly wake up dad, dad went to the kitchen for fever and water, and after I take, then lying in bed, absently fell asleep. When I woke up, opened his eyes and found parents still beside me watching, there is a kind of say a feeling in my heart. I really thank my parents very much.

  Drips of tu, when yongquan, the world's largest kindness, is the parents' support. Is worth we use to cherish life, with a sincere heart to appreciate, with practical action to gratitude.

  Now I finally understand "pitiful world parents heart", the meaning of the words, so the world's most precious, the greatest is the parents' love and care. We must be grateful parents grew up.







  Last week our music teacher taught us a song, named Indebted Heart。 Through it I know that we should live with a thankful heart。 At that time, I think of my parents。 I think they are the first people I should thank。 It’s them who give me life。 It’s them who give me home。 It’s them who bring me up。 It’s them who look after me。 It’s them who teach me knowledge and live happily。 I should thank my parents giving me so much。 Maybe I should think how to pay back the love my parents give me。 But now I think the best way to be appreciated of my parents is to study well and then being a useful person to the society when I grow up。